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About Internationalization

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To establish scientific, technological and academic cooperation between IPEN and foreign institutions, strengthening skills in the development of its regulatory and social mission.

General information

IPEN is an institution whose mission is "the commitment to improve the quality of life of the Brazilian population, producing scientific knowledge, developing technologies, generating products and services and training human resources in nuclear and related areas."

In this context, the internationalization program includes academic, scientific and technological collaborations with institutions, professionals and / or students interested in training, research project management, scientific initiation programs, post-graduation programs and technological innovation.

Learn more about the areas of Research Areas and IPEN Research Centers.

Currently, IPEN has 250 PhD researchers allocated in 11 Research Centers, developing work in the following areas:


Teaching and Information;

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen;


Nuclear Fuel;

Nuclear Engineering;

Lasers and Applications;

Chemistry and Environment;


Research Reactor; and

Radiation Technology.


Projects may have financing from Institutions, such as: FINEP, BNDES, FAPESP, CNPq and CAPES; Or, also, by means of agreements that Brazil has with several countries (links to international cooperation CAPES, CNPq and FAPESP) or, equally, through companies.